Sewage & Feces Cleanup Roseburg

Sewage Spill

What Causes Sewer Backups?

At some point in life, we all experience sewage issues within our homes. Your main sewer line can clog with toilet paper or hygiene products. When you dispose large quantities of food or grease through your kitchen's garbage disposal system, it can harden in your pipes, causing a clog, and a subsequent sewage backup. Sometimes a sewer pipe under a home's crawlspace may fail, or worse, a public sewer system may fail, dumping large quantities of sewage into a home. Whatever your plight, rest assured that Spectrum Cleaning & Restoration will get you back in good shape lightning fast, and at a fair price.

We perform sewage remediation according to the standards set by the IICRC in the S500 and S520 manuals.

Cleanup Phase: Upon arrival on the scene of a sewage loss, an IICRC-certified Spectrum Restoration project manager will assess the sewage damage and begin the recovery process as soon as possible. Time is crucial; we tackle the Cleanup Phase immediately and thoroughly, so the contamination doesn't spread through your home, into storm drains, and into natural bodies of water.

Safety is our top priority here at Spectrum; our technicians are equipped with OSHA-approved PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to make sure your family, your pets and our technicians are all safe during the cleanup process. Our trained team will remove the sewage to properly clean affected areas. It may be necessary to construct plastic containment around the affected area to control the spread of contaminants during the cleanup phase. Spectrum Cleaning & Restoration adheres to all of Oregon's legal guidelines regarding handling, removing and disposing of raw sewage. Once the gross bulk of contaminants are removed, all affected surfaces must be cleaned using a water rinse. Only when all surfaces are properly cleaned do we move to the Disinfecting Phase.

Disinfecting Phase: We sanitize the cleaned surfaces using environmentally friendly disinfectants. We are serious about quality; we want your home or business 100% sewage-free and safe. Our disinfectant of choice is an all-natural, plant-based, biodegradable antimicrobial formula. Our product cleans and kills germs without endangering your health. Disinfectant is applied and allowed the prescribed amount of dwell time, to let it disinfect completely.

Structural Drying Phase: Sewer in your building is 80-99% water. Once the affected site is clean and disinfected, it'll likely be necessary to dry the building's structural components using our professional drying equipment. We are not only sewage experts, but also IICRC-certified water restoration experts, and will employ our high-tech equipment to dry your structure as quickly as possible.

Outdoor Feces Cleanup: We have experience cleaning up and disinfecting human and pet waste at homeless camps and vandalism sites.