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Urine Odor Removal

Our team uses specialized oxidizers and live enzymes to treat urine accident spots. After our specialty products are applied, they may require up to an hour of dwell time to allow them to properly break down the urine's alkaline salt compounds and bacteria. At the right time we then remove the product with a subsurface extractor tool, flushing out the smelly urine compounds, and giving your carpet a new lease on life. We may follow this treatment with a deodorizer application or injection to leave the damaged area in optimal condition.

Pet Dander Odor

In cases with no urine, but obvious pet dander and hair, our clients may experience unpleasant smells and airborne allergens. We begin with a thorough dry vacuuming to remove the hair and dander. Our team will then use a special emulsifying/deodorizing product to break down the sebaceous skin oils and dander residue before they steam-clean the carpet. In severe cases of pet dander odor, we strongly recommend our Air Duct Cleaning to remove allergens from the home's air, and promote optimal indoor air quality.

Tobacco & Marijuana

Tobacco or marijuana smoke residue may be obvious odor in carpets, but sometimes it is undetectable until cleaning begins. We carry specialty cleaning products designed specifically to erase tobacco odor and marijuana odor from carpets. In severe cases of tobacco or marijuana smoke damage, we strongly strongly recommend our 100% guaranteed Ozone Air Treatment and Air Duct Cleaning to eradicate the smell, remove allergens from the home's air, and promote optimal indoor air quality.

Skunk Spray Odor

Sometimes a skunk sprays under a home's crawlspace, or a sprayed pet comes inside and spreads fresh skunk musk all over. We have the technology and training to remove skunk musk odor from your home's carpets, and return your home to the pleasant place it should be.