Mold & Fungus Removal Service

Black Mold and Fungus Removal

Black Mold Remediation Roseburg Oregon

Mold & fungus can quickly wreak havoc in your home or business. Spectrum Cleaning & Restoration is professionally trained in effectively remediating mold and fungus by finding the source of the problem, then setting up a quarantined area to sanitize it and properly dispose of it. It is important that mold be treated with extra caution and by trained professionals due to its potential health risk. Our mold remediation protocol follows the the guidelines as laid out in the IICRC S- 520 manual for mold remediation services. Spectrum Cleaning & Restoration is your source for Mold Remediation in the Roseburg area.


Mold Inspection

Our mold remediation begins with a phone questionnaire, to gather preliminary details. We will then schedule an examination visit, in which a certified technician will come to your building for a photo inspection, measurements, moisture check, and other notes. We will create a unique treatment plan just for your building, to efficiently solve your problem. You will receive your Mold Inspection Report and Estimate of Recommended Services within a few days.


Containment and Air Filtration

At the offset, our crew will contain the affected area, taping it off with plastic barriers. We also set up HEPA-rated air scrubbers, in order to prevent potential cross-contamination into other areas of the structure.


Removing the Mold

Next we remove contaminated porous materials, opening up layers or pockets that may be fostering mold growth. When all rotten and mold-contaminated porous materials are removed, our technicians will remove the fungal biological load with HEPA -rated vacuuming treatments and apply appropriate mold stain removers and preventatives. We will dry the moist areas with our fleet of professional drying equipment, until it has been returned to a normal acceptable moisture level.


Reconstruction Services

Mold removal almost always involves invasive techniques to ensure the contamination has been fully removed. As a result, rebuilding is needed to return the problem area back to a normal condition. We work closely with quality building contractors to get you back in shape ASAP. Spectrum offers some rebuild contracting fully in-house. We're here to help repair all mold-related damage to your home, business or rental property. Our Project Management process ensures full accountability for our staff and workmanship, and ensures each project meets and exceeds the customer's expectation. Restoration is our business!


Our Promise

We handle mold concerns every day, and promise to restore your property to a pre-loss condition as quickly and efficiently as it can be done. Spectrum Cleaning & Restoration is a licensed, insured, and IICRC-Certified contractor. Serving Roseburg & Douglas County, Oregon, we're always available, ready to meet your mold remediation needs. Business owners; we bring you peace of mind and a reassurance of minimal business interruption. We have the training, expertise and equipment necessary to get you up and running in the shortest amount of time possible. Call us at 541-673-1333 or fill out our contact form.