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COVID 19 Cleanup

COVID 19 Cleaning for Your Roseburg Home or Office

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Covid-19 Disinfecting Services

During a time like this, when thousands are being affected by the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), it's more important than ever to disinfect properly.

Does Spray and Wipe Work?

Are you using the "spray and wipe" technique to get rid of Covid-19 Coronavirus? If so, you may be doing it wrong. For that method to work, each surface must be completely covered and remain wet for up to 10 minutes. Plus all surfaces must be disinfected correctly, not just the high touch areas.

Spectrum has been around for over 35 years and specializes in commercial disinfection. No doubt you've seen a mass of new pop-up companies claiming to provide disinfectant services, but what you need to ask yourself is, "Are they qualified?"

Foodsafe, Hospital-Grade Disinfectant Fogging

Chemical fogging: Applying chemical disinfectants to production areas as fogs or mists is a method used routinely in the food industry. Under typical conditions, fogging is carried out for a minimum of 15–30min to enable the fog to disperse and the chemical action to occur.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spectrum Cleaning Certified?
At Spectrum Cleaning we are EPA and IICRC certified.
Why is the 'spray and wipe' method ineffective?
It's time consuming labor intensive and provides the least amount of consistent coverage. At Spectrum, we use a method called electrostatic disinfection that's efficient and effective. This method delivers charged droplets of disinfectant that are attracted to all surfaces, including hard to reach areas that the spray and wipe method overlooks.
Do you use effective chemicals?
To combat the Novel Coronavirus Spectrum only uses disinfectants that are EPA and CDC list approved. Anyone can benefit, but places such as hospitals, hotels, manufacturing plants, churches, schools, daycares, elder care facilities, grocery stores, and gyms are all places that can greatly benefit from this service.