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Got embarrassing stains on your home's carpets? Pesky wrinkles or torn spots? Pet urine smelling up your home? Dander and allergies making you sneeze? Have a new carpet warranty you want to maintain? Good! - you've come to the right place! Spectrum, is your one-stop shop for all your carpet cleaning needs, serving Roseburg, Douglas County and beyond.

Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Cleaning

Using our modern equipment and various carpet cleaning techniques, we will help you find the cleaning process that is right for your needs, and get those carpets popping like new! All our carpet cleanings come with our professional 10-day free callback guarantee.

Hot Water Extraction: In our flagship process, Spectrum technicians first focus on loosening soil that has chemically bonded with your carpet fibers -soil that has weighed the fiber down, and resulted in a dark, flat appearance. Spectrum technicians apply a gentle cleaning solution, and may agitate the carpet, allowing the soil particles to chemically bond to the cleaning product and rise to the surface of the carpet pile. Our water-based, non-toxic cleaning agents assist in the removal of harmful soils and contaminants in your carpet, leaving your carpet safer than ever for children and pets.

Stair Cleaning: We have special techniques and equipment for cleaning carpeted stairways. Because some stairs have carpet on the treads only, while other stairways also have carpet on the toe kicks, our standard operating procedure includes cleaning the treads. Upon request, your trained technician will gladly clean your stairs' toe kicks for no additional charge.

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After the soil has been loosened from the carpet pile, the IICRC-certified technicians employ a temperature-controlled, purified hot water extraction process using our modern truck-mounted steam cleaners to fully remove the soil. Corner guards and walk-off mats will be installed as needed to protect walls and flooring. All moveable furniture will be relocated during the cleaning process. Technicians are available to move couches, chairs, and other small articles. Furniture moving rates may apply in excessive situations. Our techs are unable to move tables, beds, electronics, valuables, entertainment centers, and other large items. After cleaning, furniture may be returned to its original location and placed on protective blocks or tabs. At customer's option, the carpet pile can be groomed for faster drying and visual appeal.

Our popular and effective process significantly lightens the carpet, resulting in a newer, livelier appearance. Our non-toxic, water-based cleaning agents clean better than soap without leaving a sticky residue behind.

Low-moisture encapsulation cleaning: For some churches and commercial settings with large office space, or extensive public traffic areas, we offer low-moisture encapsulation cleaning. We also offer this cleaning option for moisture-sensitive settings, such as art museums or historical buildings. Encapsulation cleaning is an emerging technology that we are proud to offer, and our clients generally say when it's used, the carpet looks better, for longer.

Green cleaning: Some of our clients are highly sensitive, and require an ultra-mild, water based approach to carpet cleaning. That's when we shine. Our ultra-mild options are not always as fast or effective as standard products, but we offer them as a extra-safe choice for pertinent situations.

Stain removal: Our certified technicians have specialty products for each type of stain; urine, grease, gum, rust, coffee, wine... you name it, we'll take care of it! In cases of stains that have caused permanent discoloration to the carpet, our skilled team can repair / replace the damaged area.

Carpet Cleaning Services


Fine Rug Cleaning

Cleaning Process: We clean both wool and synthetic fiber rugs, bringing you back that fresh, crisp color you miss. Using our mild, wool-safe products and gentle cleaning techniques, we can help restore the original beauty of your home's area rugs. Handmade oriental rugs with braided wool, other natural fibers, and natural dyes, are fragile and must be cleaned with utmost care.

Pick-up & Delivery: We offer pick-up and delivery services for our rug clients who have wood floors or other concerns. When your rug comes back to you, it's clean, dry, rolled, and wrapped in a protective sleeve for safe transit.

Stain Protectant

Stain Protectant

Why you need protectant: Your home's carpet probably came with a stain-blocking fluorochemical protector applied to its fibers. This product is designed to enhance the carpet's resistance of dry soil, water and oil. Even carpet fibers that are difficult to stain, such as olefin and polyester, benefit from the additional protection that can be provided by these soil-resistant products. This protective coating not only helps prevent stains from setting permanently, but actually repels liquids of all kinds, giving you a chance to blot up spills before they cause deep damage. Stain-blocking protectants wear off after about two years, and are also removed by professional carpet cleaning procedures. Our Spectrum technicians can reapply protectant to your home's carpet after cleaning, preserving its resilience against soiling and stains. As a customer, you undoubtedly desire to have your carpet restored to a "like-new" condition. A cleaner who does not properly reapply the carpet protector will not fulfill customer expectations.

Maintaining Your Carpet's Warranty: Did your new carpet come with a warranty? The carpet's manufacturer probably requires an annual cleaning and reapplication of protectant to maintain your warranty. As an IICRC -certified cleaning service, we are qualified to help you get the most out of your home's carpet warranty.

Wrinkle Removal

Carpet Repair & Wrinkle Removal

Carpet Wrinkle Removal: Loose, detached, torn, or poorly installed carpet can wrinkle badly. This causes ridges that look ugly and pose a tripping hazard. As a licensed Oregon contractor, Spectrum has trained techs who can re-stretch your carpets professionally with our modern power-stretching equipment, restoring your floor's pleasant appearance.

We also remove wrinkles from commercial glue-down carpets, restoring the safety and appearance of your office or church sanctuary. Our trained technicians inject a special glue under the wrinkles, and roll them out flat with a carpet seam roller.

Carpet Repair: Do you have torn spots where a pet dug under a door, or cigarette burns that don't come out with carpet cleanings? As a licensed floor contractor, we specialize in repairing frayed, ripped, burned, or permanently stained portions of carpets.

Stain Protectant

Odor Removal

Urine Odor: Our team uses specialized oxidizers and live enzymes to treat urine accident spots. After our specialty products are applied, they may require up to an hour of dwell time to allow them to properly break down the urine's alkaline salt compounds and bacteria. At the right time we then remove the product with a subsurface extractor tool, flushing out the smelly urine compounds, and giving your carpet a new lease on life. We may follow this treatment with a deodorizer application or injection to leave the damaged area in optimal condition.

Pet Dander Odor: In cases with no urine, but obvious pet dander and hair, our clients may experience unpleasant smells and airborne allergens. We begin with a thorough dry vacuuming to remove the hair and dander. Our team will then use a special emulsifying/deodorizing product to break down the sebaceous skin oils and dander residue before they steam-clean the carpet. In severe cases of pet dander odor, we strongly recommend our Air Duct Cleaning to remove allergens from the home's air, and promote optimal indoor air quality.

Tobacco & Marijuana: Tobacco or marijuana smoke residue may be obvious in carpets, but sometimes it is undetectable until cleaning begins. We carry specialty cleaning products designed specifically to erase tobacco odor and marijuana odor from carpets. In severe cases of tobacco or marijuana smoke damage, we strongly strongly recommend our 100% guaranteed Ozone Air Treatment and Air Duct Cleaning to eradicate the smell, remove allergens from the home's air, and promote optimal indoor air quality.

Skunk Spray: Sometimes a skunk sprays under a home's crawlspace, or a sprayed pet comes inside and spreads fresh skunk musk all over. We have the technology and training to remove skunk musk from your home's carpets, and return your home to the pleasant place it should be.